At Bayside Midwifery we encourage women and their families to actively participate in a healthy lifestyle by providing guidance for the physical, psychological and social well-being of women and mothers throughout the life cycle.

We offer complete well-body care including Pap tests, breast/chest exams, reproductive counseling, preconception counseling,  and nutritional and herbal support. A midwife can provide sensitive, confidential, personal and professional gynecological care.  We offer care to people throughout the life cycle  (from teens to menopause) and to non-binary clients. If you have breasts, a chest, a vagina, a cervix or a uterus we can provide care for you. It’s important that you feel safe, and have choices in your care.

Well-body exams include annual physical exam, Pap Smear (as needed), appropriate lab work, breast/chest exam, and referrals when needed. If you have insurance, your labs will be billed through them. If you do not have insurance, you will receive a cash pay discount and a bill directly from the lab. If you have concerns about ability to pay, just ask! We are always open to making this work for you. All exams are performed in the comfort of your home.

Fee: $100, 60min