“I started off my journey as a young(ish) first time mother filled with worry and self doubt. ‘Could I really do this? Was my baby ok?’

I reached out to Melissa after a disheartening experience with the local hospital left my boyfriend and I distrustful, with a bad taste in our mouths.  I was nervous about not feeling heard but after my first appointment with Melissa, I not only got to have my first ultrasound, but I had my first dose of ‘I can do this’.

She not only supported me and guided me with evidence based research but also was an emotional confidant in every pregnancy woe I had. She gives you plenty of time to chew things over when the next step is approaching ie tests birth plan etc. Always readily available, I never felt a second thought about reaching out at any hour with questions or concerns and each was answered throughly you could really tell she cares. Melissa was a god-send during my birth as well. I called her in tears at 2am nervous and she came right over, sat with me, checked things out, calmed me and reassured me I was powerful I was in control and I could do this. My daughter was posterior and making a half rainbow with her body, we REALLY needed to get her into a better position. Melissa did Spinning Babies exercises and stretches to help her on her way. We were successful!!

Once I was in the pushing stage of labor Melissa coached me through every contraction. When I said I couldn’t do it, she reminded me I was doing it!! She was the strong and steady I desperately needed. The next thing I know my little love was here, Melissa handed her right over all while making sure I got water and was okay. She was extremely quick on cleaning me up. Before I knew it, I was cozily sitting in what had just been quite the scene on new sheets water snacks pictures whatever I needed! Melissa truly makes you feel like an empowered force to be reckoned with. ‘Your body, your birth’ her mantra that I have told to many an expecting mother truly gives you the strength you need. I recommend her so highly. This is her passion you can really tell she loves her clients and wants what’s best for each individual one.”