"Amazing amazing amazing! I honestly do not have enough words to describe what a wonderful experience this was for me and my family. When my husband and I started the conversation of having kids he was the one who wanted a home birth, not I. I had a ton of concerns and when it came to reading about it online.. well the internet was no help. So when I found out that I was expecting with my first I did what most do, I made an appointment at the doctors office.

After a few appointments with the doctors I felt like I was leaving with more questions than answers. I didn’t feel that connection, like they really knew me. I was just a name and numbers on a sheet of paper. I was about 4 months pregnant when I realized the most stressful thing about my pregnancy so far was the doctors. From trying to schedule appointments while not missing work, to not knowing what to ask or being tested for things without being given the information beforehand to make informed decisions.. that’s when I decided to explore my options.

I found Melissa through the Birth Roots website and she happened to be the first and only person I reached out to. I sent an email asking the basics and with a quick response she was ready to visit me in my own home and on a day that worked best for me - amazing! She came over on a Sunday and spent almost two hours talking to me and my husband, answering any and all of our questions. I knew right then and there that I didn’t need to meet with anyone else, she was a perfect fit for our family.

Her calming and positive energy, combined with her knowledge and resources truly made my experience perfect. Each visit was informative yet fun and relaxed. The appointments were conveniently scheduled on weekends and at my house, a win win!

Throughout my entire pregnancy every appointment felt so natural and comfortable. She always came full of information, never making me feel silly for the questions I asked or the concerns I had, and was completely unbiased.. which I felt was 100% opposite from the doctors. Even with my due date, it had come and gone but she didn’t bat an eye. I felt great, baby was happy and everything was normal. She gave me some helpful (and natural) tips and tricks, referred me to a great chiropractor and just as she had predicted in a few of our earlier appointments, I woke with contractions when I was 40 weeks and 5 days. 

I woke with contractions a little after 3 am, timed them for a bit and went back to sleep. I then woke a little after 7 and texted her and just as I had expected, she followed up with a few questions but kept the calm energy and said she’d see me in a bit. I ate breakfast, took a shower and sat on the medicine ball. She showed up, checked on me and baby briefly but then gave me and my husband space. She set up what she needed to, checked on me and baby and again gave us our space. I spent most of the morning sitting on an exercise ball but she had me climb the stairs a time or two and sit in the child’s pose to help with the baby’s position. As contractions got stronger she recommended I eat a bit and was sweet enough to not only bring me pistachios but even remove them from the shells for me! Around 11:30 am she said it was time for me to get into the tub, but continued to remind me to breath, and listen to my body. I found myself in a position that was comfortable for me, but not the best pushing position. After some time, Melissa recommended I try a different position which was such a simple fix but really made a huge difference! A few short hours of being in the tub my baby girl was ready to make her entrance. With the final push I was the one to guide her out, pulling her right to my chest where my husband and I could just take it all in. She was here and she was perfect.

After I was assisted out of the tub and into my bed, Melissa checked me out and then left us alone for a bit to give us some time. We laid there - now a family of three - in our bed, in our home, completely in love. I honestly cannot describe how amazing it was to have this experience and these memories all in the comfort of my own home with only people that I knew and loved around me." -S (Maine, 2017)