"Melissa Agro was my midwife for my first baby, who was born in January of 2017. To accommodate our busy schedules, Melissa came to our home for appointments on Sunday afternoons. She stayed an hour for each visit, sometimes two hours if necessary. She took her time to educate me about pregnancy, birth, and caring for a newborn and patiently answered all of my questions. If there was a decision my husband and I were expected to make, she gave us ample time to think about it, to ask questions, and offered other sources to research the information we wanted. She was very organized and took many notes during our appointments, keeping track of everything (which was so helpful for a forgetful pregnant woman!). She coached me in understanding more about nutrition and a healthier lifestyle and offered wonderful suggestions which I still refer to today. She empowered me to understand my own pregnancy and to make my birth story what I wanted it to be.

My pregnancy gave me the opportunity to improve my self care practice. Melissa encouraged massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, herbal medicine, yoga, and other modalities for support. She knew her own limitations as a midwife and so she guided me to seek other professionals when needed. This was especially helpful when Melissa asked me to call my acupuncturist for an in-home treatment while my baby was posterior at the beginning of labor. Luckily, the practitioner gave me a treatment, which to this day I believe encouraged the baby to reposition itself and gently helped my labor to progress.

Melissa’s reliability and punctuality amazed me. At times I would call or text her in the wee hours of the night and she would always answer. Even though she worked other part time jobs and lived a half hour away, she showed up when we needed her, which was sometimes not during one of scheduled visits. Although we are family, I trust that Melissa would do this for any client of hers. I always felt like I was her top priority.

When it came time for the birth, Melissa gave us the perfect balance of support and space. From the very beginning she encouraged my husband and me to plan what sort of environment we wanted for our birth. She offered suggestions about lighting, temperature, what food and drinks to have available, and other details that in the end made a big difference. Giving birth in a candle lit room, with a warm tub available, soft piano music playing, and fresh baked banana bread ready helped us to recognize that what is often deemed as a “medical event”, can really be a comfortable and spiritual event. We felt like ourselves in our home with the good company of our midwife and her assistant.

Immediately after my baby was born, I started losing a concerning amount of blood. Melissa quickly switched gears and gave me a shot of pitocin. Even though I was in a euphoric state with my fresh little baby in my arms, I could tell by her serious tone that she had some work to do. I now know that she handles emergencies with a considerable amount of calmness and focus. Had I kept bleeding, I could have ended my amazing birth experience in a hospital. She efficiently performed stitching my tears while sitting on the floor at the foot of my bed. This was the moment I realized the true level of competency required of a midwife. I remember being in awe of my “little” sister-in law, so humbly keeping me in safe hands.

The extra bonus was the consideration Melissa took to clean up after the birth and make us breakfast too! After all of the hard work and paperwork was completed, I can imagine the midwives were eager to get home and catch up on sleep. That was the happiest breakfast I have ever had and I will cherish it always as our first family meal.

Melissa is intuitive in her ways and wise in her spirit. I know she plans to practice as a midwife for a long time, and I look forward to watching her evolve. Her dedication and passion for empowering women to birth naturally is truly admirable, and I would highly recommend her to any woman I know." - A (Maine, 2017)