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Prenatal Care (Co-Care)


Bayside Midwifery offers prenatal care for women birthing in the hospital. This is called co-care. You will continue to see your regular provider, as well as receiving holistic, compassionate prenatal care within your own home. This also allows women who are higher risk  or who are choosing hospital birth to also have midwifery care throughout their pregnancy.

With co-care you will see your primary provider on your regular schedule, and will see us on a similar or modified schedule depending on your needs.  We will provide you with education, nutritional counseling, support and guidance throughout your pregnancy.  Prenatal testing, lab work and ultrasounds will be done with your primary provider.  During appointments you will have time to ask questions, learn more about your pregnancy and prepare for childbirth in a holistic and supported manner.  

Postpartum and well baby care following a planned hospital birth are also available for co-care clients.  While we do not attend hospital births as your midwife, we can provide doula support for hospital birthing families. 

Although we cannot provide home birth services to high-risk women, we can provide co-care for hospital births.