At Bayside Midwifery we believe that families deserve the best possible care. We pride ourselves on evidence-based care, as well as thorough informed choice. Although our main practice consists of home birth midwifery services, we strongly believe that anyone can benefit from midwifery care. We take a natural, holistic approach to health that includes healthy lifestyle changes, herbal remedies and self-care techniques that can bring about optimal health.

We believe that pregnancy and birth are normal, physiological processes, not medical pathologies that need management. Our goal is to be your guide, never your superior. We encourage you to ask questions, do research, read books and make choices that are best for you and your family. Here's what client autonomy looks like to us: 

  • Nothing will be done to you, or for you, without your consent.

  • Informed choice documents are a huge part of our practice. You will receive these documents in advance so you may read them, ask questions and do more research. All documents have the option to decline. Although these documents may be lengthy, they are to ensure you are making fully informed decisions that are best for YOU. These documents are updated periodically to keep up with new research.

  • Nothing is "our way or the highway". With the exceptions of state laws for Maine & New Hampshire, we will respect your decisions and care for you within our scope.

  • You can (almost) always change your mind.

Bayside Midwifery is evidence-based, not opinion-based. We do our best to keep up on the newest research and update our protocols to reflect these changes. We want to ensure you get the best, safest care possible. 

Practice Set-Up

Bayside is an independent practice. What does this mean?

As an independent practice we do not practice under the supervision of a doctor or advanced practice nurse. CPMs in the United States, although autonomous, do not have hospital privileges. Although we work hard to have smooth, collaborative relationships with the medical community, we do not always need them. 


Melissa Agro is the founder/owner and primary midwife at Bayside. All contact and visits will be done with her. No surprises or strangers; you will always know who to expect at your door!

Births, however, will always be attended by two midwives; Melissa, and another CPM. We are currently working with Birthwise Midwifery School and will begin having students in September 2017. Midwifery is a tradition that is passed down directly from midwife to student with observational and (supervised) hands-on learning. We learn by doing, especially in a field requires a deep trust in our touch. We understand that this can be off-putting to some. It is always YOUR choice whether or not a student is involved in your care and you will always have the opportunity to meet them before making a final decision. We are grateful to be able to pass down this tradition to those eager to learn.