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Midwifery care is about empowering our clients through education and support in informed choice. Our visits are an hour (or more!) long to provide time to get to know one another and offer education as well as time for questions and concerns you may be having. We also provide preconception counseling & well-body care. 

Prenatal Care
Our prenatal care follows the same schedule you will find at most maternity care facilities. From approx 12 weeks until 28 weeks gestation visits are every 4 weeks; from 28-36 weeks gestation visits are every 2 weeks; and from 36-birth visits are weekly. Visits can be adjusted as needed for your care. At this time we do not have an office, therefore all visits are done within the comfort of your home. A routine visit includes: check-ins, time for questions, education appropriate for gestational age, vitals, weight check (as needed), abdominal palpation & measurement, and listening to baby. Each visit is tailored to meet your individual needs. 

Bayside Midwifery also offers prenatal care for women birthing in the hospital. This is referred to as co-care. You will continue to see your regular provider, as well as receiving holistic, compassionate prenatal care within your own home. This also allows women who are higher risk to receive midwifery care. Although we cannot provide birth services to high-risk women, we can provide co-care. 


Labor & Birth
During labor & birth, phone support is offered until you feel ready for us to come to your home. Labor checks may be necessary before we decide to stay put. This does not mean a vaginal exam, more simply observing your labor pattern and coping. Once you have been "admitted", we will remain with you through the rest of labor, the birth and after the birth until you and baby are stable and settled (typically 3-4 hours). During this time routine vitals checks, newborn care and any other necessary care will be performed. We also offer water birth. 

After your baby has arrived, we will perform a comprehensive newborn exam that can be sent to your baby's pediatrician to establish care. 

Postpartum Care
Postpartum care will be done on day 1, 3 or 5, 2 weeks & 6 weeks with more as needed. During this time we will monitor baby's growth as well as breastfeeding, your healing and overall well-being.  

Routine Lab Work & Offerings

Bayside offers routine lab work that you would typically receive at an OB/GYNs office. This includes but is not limited to: routine prenatal panel, gestational diabetes screening, iron (hemoglobin) testing, GBS testing, genetic screening, and routine ultrasounds. You will be informed and given the option for all of this testing. No testing will be performed without your informed decision. 

We also offer in-home ultrasound for confirming dates and baby position. 

Bayside works in accordance with the State of Maine to offer Newborn Metabolic Testing (performed 72hrs after birth), Pulse Oximetry Screening for congenital heart defects (performed 24hrs after birth), Birth Certificate, Social Security & Acknowledgement of Paternity filings, and referrals for the Newborn Hearing Screen. We also participate in the Raising Readers Program. 

Do I qualify as low-risk?
Most pregnancies are in fact low-risk. Call today for a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for home birth!